Iphone 3GS-All Info and Articles

Is the time of the iPhone 3GS is expired? Already on the store shelves, when using but not: in many pockets, yet the Apple Smartphone of the year 2009 expected calls and emails. Even after release of the iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S attacked many prospective buyers to the 3GS–simply because of the much cheaper price. Thanks to rounded back, it is even better in your hand than newer models. But: It has long not so good display as the successor with 480 × 320 pixels, the camera quality is much worse and much lower performance.

GPS, an accelerometer, electronic compass and voice control (but not the intelligent Siri) are integrated, three-axis gyroscope and camera on the front for video telephony are missing however.

iPhone 3GS with iOS 5 or 6, but not iOS 7

Was originally iOS iPhone 3GS with OS 5 shipped-an update on iOS 6 is possible (and recommended). To the useful features of iOS 5 include:

  • Phone, address book, Web browser, calculator, and the like are self-evident.
  • The updated mail program brings formatting options.
  • It merges SMS chat service with iMessage.
  • The iCloud connection enables the exchange of data online.

The top 10 iOS 6 new features include cloud-tabs, privacy settings and Photostreams.

We must forego iOS 7 unfortunately on the iPhone 3GS-the Smartphone already aging no longer supports the latest operating system from Apple (see: iOS 7 compatibility )).

buy iPhone 3GS?

The missing iOS 7 is an argument against the buying of used an iPhone 3GS–because ultimately more and more apps are no longer supported as a result. Who wants to hear first and foremost phone calls, email, chat and music, an iPhone 3GS may be enough even the. Who are considering a purchase, should change our Apple iPhone comparison to rate and superior, which features appear personally necessary and which are not.

The MSRP for new devices amounted last 369 euros (iPhone 3GS 8 GB memory).