iOnRoad in the Test

The driver assistance app iOnRoad gives total a good system with many additional features, but unfortunately with a very weak traffic sign recognition. Here our test.

iOnRoad offers the complete package of lane Assistant, distance Warner and shield detection as well as aCoDriver 3, is also the most expensive app in the test. So we expected a lot of course, as we mounted the camera and we were on the way.

Setting up the camera and basic settings was overall pretty easy, because there are brief instructions in the app. On iOS, the pleasant design of iOnRoad convinced us immediately. The display is clean and tidy, the operation intuitive and easy. This is true for Android only partially: again, the indicator in the drive mode is nicely cleaned up, the operating concept is different and has unstructured and cluttered in comparison. iOnRoad offers also very many additional features and settings, so you should no better deal while driving.

On iOS, iOnRoad offers a good camera installation and operation Guide. Even an indoor test is selectable under Android, structure and operation of the system settings are very confusing.

First, we tested the shield detection – and were disappointed. iOnRoad has the worst detection test, overhead were not read at all. As only app, also no warning was iOnRoad at a speeding. By contrast, distance Warner and lane were overall good, where the lane on iOS significantly better worked and recognized also dashed lines. For this, the warning signals under Android were louder and better to associate their function. In any case, meaningful support, even on country roads is iOnRoad here. Particularly successful: even telephone, navigation and music can iOnRoad embed and control.

The Stuttgart City Centre showed well this app to the limits. The alert was much too imprecise, worked at least, if you approached too quickly a vehicle ahead or standing. Lane assist and shield detection were known worthless. As we drove again at dusk on the highway, the shield detection proved here is the weakest in the test. Warner clearance lasted long, at night, only the lane – worked then as the other apps but it’s good.