Introduction to Apple Homekit

Control the light with the iPhone that turn on music or heating Apple wants to break new ground with his Apple HomeKit have seen the system.

HomeKit is the interface, the Apple with the iOS put 8 on the market. Thus, smart devices via the apps of the device provider (E.g. Elgato) are controlled. HomeKit combines the various apps in the device provider and makes them work together. Control of the devices to be more comfortable with Siri, with commands such as “light on” you can control easily the light from the Chair. The HomeKit works with LE Bluetooth or Wi-Fi wireless standard, all data is encrypted. HomeKit compatible devices have a special authentication chip, so the Apple WAC Protocol (wireless accessory configuration) can be operated.

But which are controllable with the HomeKit? Here a small selection:

HomeKit compatible devices have the characters “Works with Apple HomeKit”.

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Elgato, a company in Munich, may be best known on the German market. His Elgato can be designed to intelligently already the home of Eve products (Eve weather, Eve door & window, Eve energy). The manufacturer offers its own app to control the individual components, which is freely available through the Apple store. Avea is also a lighting system (LEDs) available for mood lighting provides or rises but with gentle light.


Philips hue

Philips offers hue a lighting system with the, which has a control center (“bridge”) with corresponding LEDs that can be controlled via app. In addition to lighting scenarios, which can be individually adjusted and Siri voice control to retrieve, LED lights with music or movies can be synchronized and make for an exciting entertainment experience. With the bridge 2.0 the Philips can now hue the Apple HomeKit be coupled.

At this year’s CES home camera with face detection has introduced smart the first Netatmo, which can be different not only between burglars and home owners, but in addition also still looks. The intelligent camera is just a product of a series of smart solutions that combine design and functionality. In addition to outdoor camera, weather station rain gauge, Netatmo offers also a thermostat. The product range is continuously developed in here.

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TADO makes your heating intelligent and helps to save energy costs. The heating control system includes a thermostat (compatible with almost all popular manufacturers and heating systems), which can be set via the application of the manufacturer. The TADO smart thermostat will be available from Q2/2016 with Apple HomeKit, for this purpose a special HomeKit bridge (control unit) will be available.



From the scale up to Fitness Tracker, Withings already for quite some time products offers that (iPhone, iPad) offer coupled added value with Apple devices. Now the HomeKit can be used with the home smart HD camera. In addition to the monitoring of your own home, can be camera communicated and measured the air quality. Shallow music also weighs the baby to sleep.



After a bumpy start of Apple HomeKit come more and more smart devices on the market that are compatible with the HomeKit. The available devices already intelligent connect the own home and offer an added value (E.g. measurement of air quality) and comfort to the user. The product range is constantly being expanded. Smart home with Apple HomeKit can get away it.