Insurance Company: iPhone 6S Are More Hardy Than Samsung S7

Samsung’s latest Galaxy S7 series withstands water, yet it is not as Hardy as Apple’s iPhones, forsikringselskabet SquareTrade concludes after a series of tests.

It will happen sooner or later, a moment’s inattention and the smart phone smoking a trip down the asphalt or tiled floor. The screen burst and accident is great.

To accidental birds, or those who just want to avoid an unpleasant experience with a broken phone, performs insurance company SquareTrade routine tests of just smartphones durability so you know which mobile you must bet on if you need a extra strong phone.

Last test subject in Square’s series of four thorough test is Samsung recently released Galaxy S7, one of the few toptelefoner today who can boast of being waterproof. But according to the tests it is not nearly as fast as Apple’s latest iPhone 6S that overtakes Samsung new phones on all fronts except for water resistance.

Here is doing iPhone best

In the Square’s test will be iPhone 6S set against both Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 edge in four disciplines: testing the water resistance, durability against småstød, durability against fierce decline as well as flexibility.

  1. Test-water resistance: Here are coping with Samsung Galaxy S7 itself necessarily best, qua its waterproof construction.The tests noted, however, that the sound from the speakers was permanently impaired after a 30-minute dive. Same test accident damaged the speakers in iPhone 6S which also got water damaged the screen. iPhone 6S Plus failed after just 10 minutes for the last hero to die after 24 minutes.
  2. Test – shock test:Square’s ‘ TumbleBot ‘ test went at least beyond iPhone 6S that did tumble dryer trip without significant damage. Here got both S7 and S7 Edge considerable scrapes and damage on the back panel, while iPhone 6S Plus got baldret its screen total.
  3. Test – test case:In this discipline was the phones lost from 1.8 meters altitude in order eventually to land on a asfaltsforotv. Here did the best by S7 Edge survive 7 case, against four for the less S7’er. By forntal collisions with the screen facing down copes with S7 edge a single loss before it splintered, while the S7 screen gave up already at the first crash.
  4. Test – bend test.Last attempt meter tele ‘ ability to resist to be twisted out of shape. Here could both S7 and S7 Edge clear 50 kilos pressure before they deform while S7 died at a pressure of 77 kg.

iPhone 6S, 6S Plus best worst

SquareTrade concludes their study with praise for Samsung to bring a waterproof design to market, but at the same time points out that both the S7 and S7 Edge is susceptible to shocks or rough and tumble.

“Samsung’s new phones are impressive in the wet element, but they are struggling to keep themselves abreast with the iPhone when it comes to the monitor’s durability. So it may well be that the S7 or S7 Edge will be a perfect phone to water dogs, but those of us who are accident birds or just plain clumsy, still need to be a little careful not to lose it or grapple around too much with it, “says Square trades communication Director, Aileen Abaya.

The study concludes with the grade 6 to the Galaxy S7 Edge and 5 to the Galaxy S7. Here scores Apple’s iPhone 6S and 6S Plus respectively 4 and 6.5. Note that Square trades notes smartphones from 1 to 10, where 1 is strongest while 10 are most fragile.