Indian Smartphone Is the World’s Cheapest. Price: 25 SEK

Freedom 251 can call themselves for world’s cheapest smartphone with its price at just 25 dollars. Surprisingly enough, it is not entirely ubruglig.

Freedom 251 can call themselves for world’s cheapest smartphone with its price at just 25 dollars. Surprisingly, it is not entirely useless.

A smartphone doesn’t have to be an investment for several thousands of dollars. It strikes the Indian producer Ringing Bell fast, with a new mobile for just 251 Indian rupees, equivalent to 24.52 Danish kroner.It writes our site.

The phone is called Freedom 251, and providing a hint with a shaft that the price is a central selling point for the phone.

Even if it is cheap, the paper is not completely incompetent, because it delivers giblets as for just 5-6 years ago could get mobile enthusiasts drool.

As much Mobile you get for 25 crowns

Obilen runs with the still current Android 5.1 and is therefore compatible with the vast majority of applications in the Android universe.

Freedom 251 offers a four inch large display with qHD resolution – a resolution that rivals Apple’s iPhone 5S.

Engine power is provided by a quad-core that is ticking by 1.3 GHz with 1 GB RAM-much like today you will find in the Danish market to about 1,000 kronor. The battery is not large with its 1,450 mAh-but it can be replaced.

Greatest weakness are going to be found in the camera on the modest 3 megapixels with fix-focus. Front camera on 0.3 megapixel promises not much – but had to row to a little video chat or a selfie-status update.

On the network front offers Freedom 251 at the most necessary: 3 g connection, b/g/n Wi-FI, Bluetooth and GPS.

Come hardly to Denmark

Do you have spare change in your Pocket as you want to invest in a Freedom 251, you must count on to add a flight to India on top of the Bill. The phone is for reserved for the Indian market when it launched on 18 February.

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