Important Tips before Purchasing a CCTV System

In order to clear up any doubts who is starting in this segment or want to deploy a CCTV system, provide some important tips that will help you in the choice of quality products.

Important Tips before Purchasing a CCTV System

  1. Buy quality equipment with support, assistance and local production.

Avoid buying importing equipment, internet and others, because you might not have the support and assistance when you need it. Local businesses recognized offer these services.

  1. When buying a Stand Alone, think about the future.

Do not buy a Stand Alone with the amount equal to the amount of channel cameras, think in the near future for possible expansion of the CCTV system. If the amount is equal to and in the future a magnification, you will need to change the Stand Alone and buy extra cameras.

  1. Buy Approved cables and with quality.

The price difference between parallel cables and approved is minimal near the quality difference in the final image, is about 20 cents per meter. The infrastructure influences the image of your CCTV system, don’t skimp.

  1. Understand the limits of the equipment.

Angle, image quality, remote access type, recording time, infrared, IP66 and other details should be questioned, to be sure that the equipment is enough to where it will be installed. Always ask for further clarification to the installer that eases the understanding and the maintenance of your system.

  1. The price difference between good products can vary greatly.

There are equipment with high quality where the price difference is large, compared with companies that already have a name in the market. To compare the picture quality there is no difference, but the price difference is striking.

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