Image of The Week: Android Vs IOS in U.S.

A few days ago we could discover by the latest study of StatCounter which Android, Currently, enjoys a leisurely health, but it serves to winning positions against iOS and overcome it in worldwide market share, but also to steal the hegemony in his country, USA. You can see how the Apple platform dominates the Northern Territory half, while the Google Android invade throughout the South and West of the country.

We do not know how the thing will be when Samsung get to disembark their Galaxy S II ultravendido, or when Apple presented the long-awaited new version of its iPhone but, for the moment, the cake is partitioned as you can see in the picture, with a clear predominance of the yellow color of Android (we would have liked more green), opposite the blue of iOS and BlackBerry grey. Each draw their conclusions, at least until the new product introductions.