Huawei Increased Its Distribution by 62% in The First Half of The Year

Second round of good news for the manufacturers of the Asian giant this afternoon. And it is that if Xiaomi seemed like second manufacturer from China, already close to Samsung, now it is Huawei who collects magnificent figures of market.

It’s a double-digit growth, negligible, which places the distribution (not sale, eye) Terminal in up to 62% higher in the first half of the year, over the same period of last year.

In the chart of market share that we have seen with Xiaomi data only accumulated a 10% of the Chinese market, while they are in 34.3 million distributed units. This is because a best international placement of Huawei, which is stronger in foreign markets where it is simple its acquisition.

Of all these millions, 20.7 corresponds to the second half of the year, and about 40 per cent correspond to these exports outside of Chinese borders. This allows you to, among other things, placed as a third manufacturer worldwide with good products such as Ascend P7.