HTC One M9 Camera Specs

To find out what are the real differences between the smartphone cameras with the same apparent resolution there is a road, put them side by side and put them to the test. It matters little whether natively belong to different market segments, HTC One M9, Sony Xperia M5 and Honor 7 are now almost matched in price list and all of them offer the ability to take still pictures with excellent quality with cameras, at least if we consider mobile devices under 400 €.

HTC One M9 Camera Specs

I took many pictures with all three, in all lighting conditions possible and chose the most representative ones here. We enter the detail:

Rear Camera (Photo)

  • HTC One M920 Mp (5376 x 3752 pixels), F 2.2, digital stabilizer and dual flash LED
  • Sony Xperia M55 Mp (5248 x 3936 pixels), F 2.2, digital stabilizer and flash LED
  • Honor 720 Mp (5376 x 3752 pixels), F2, digital stabilizer and dual LED flash

The criticism to HTC for the surrender of the M9 cameras have been so many over the past 12 months, so that the new ‘ 10 ‘ the camera renewed is perhaps one of the most anticipated things. But truth be told, by day M9 performs well, indeed, very well, with a great level of detail and color always very faithful to reality, the optics is very balanced and the best shot you try it you can find it in the second sequence below

However, as soon as cala brightness, One M9 enters almost in crisis, at least in comparison with these other two great rear cameras mounted on the other two challengers. Surprisingly I saw that Honor 7 is perhaps the one that manages to make it better, the level of detail is very good, the colour rendition is not excellent, this is true, but the optics F 2.0 is really the brightest and at night is an objective.

The Sony Xperia M5 is based in macros, at least during the day, with a greater level of detail and colors faithful to reality, you can count on a great bokeh effect. In low light conditions the choice was not easy, sometimes the balance hanging on One M9, other on Honor 7.

Rear Camera (Video)

In the video recording the story changes, Sony Xperia is what I was most convinced thanks to a mix of factors, starting with good color reproduction at high frame rate secured, in any light condition. By day you can capture movies with a quality very similar to that provided by One M9, but the feeling is that it is a small step forward. Separate discussion instead to Honor 7, almost always overexposed, and sample video shown in the movie to open the thing is pretty obvious.

At night the order changes, I noticed that in the movie made for comparative sample 7 Honor night is darker than it actually is, we say that the render time was as ‘ improved ‘ and now appears to be the best of the three. In fact, on the original movie there is more background noise, a compromise for optics so bright it leaves me prefer once again the quality of the Sony Xperia M5; better balanced and extremely fluid. Side note for One M9 which leaves down the street a few frames and has hot colors, perhaps a tad too hot compared to reality.

Front Camera (Photo)

  • HTC One M9 4 Mp
  • Sony Xperia M5 13 Mp
  • Honor 7 8 Mp

Then not so marked differences when we move onto the front image sensor performance should be quite different on paper but in actual use things change. Under conditions of maximum brightness, without surprises, is the Sony M5 to prevalerand with the well 13 Mp, autofocus and a level of detail that even the current top of the line maybe not hope. 7 do not honor itself much, one stage lower to everyone instead of One M9.

At night the results change in favour of Honor 7, greater brilliance of color, slightly warmer and more faithful to reality, take the leaves at night without a flash that can call himself is no easy task for anyone and the photos of this device are those that have me convinced.

Front Camera (Video)

There is no history when it comes to video recording with the front camera, Sony Xperia M5 is head and shoulders (maybe two) over his rivals now. Unfortunately I lost 90% of samples recorded by the device and for this reason I showed only seconds into the movie at the beginning, but its quality is not really into question: much more detail than others, an excellent colour reproduction (even in backlight) and high frame rate, fluid and enjoyable movie.

Honor 7 could do well but as usual overexposed and day is really too much light into the game, a shame because quality can’t hurt. Unsatisfactory recording One M9 with front-facing camera, it loses a lot of frames, go in spurts and not judicable is almost in a similar comparison. Rejected.


All three should be subject to compromise (we speak only of the cameras in this article), it’s clear that this word top range ‘ jar if we talk about a former top range as HTC One M9, but we are confident and believe that the taiwanese House may have learned from these small steps ‘ undecided ‘. Amazing Honor 7, the cheapest of the three but able to Excel on several occasions, thanks to an advanced optics and very bright, hopefully the Chinese House can build on the know-how and build a next generation that could really be midrange banner.

Well Sony Xperia M5, we waited so long in Europe and has perhaps arrived a bit too late, overall is a great terminal with excellent photographic sector by category, difficult to really understand certain marketing choices, six months ago, at this price, it would have been a best buy!

  • Sony Xperia M5is available online from Redcoon to 299 euros. The value for money is good. There are 15 best models.
  • Huawei Honor 7is available online from eBay for 299 euros. The value for money is good but there are 6 better models.
  • HTC One M9is available online from Tellycelly to 369 euros or Redcoon to 479 euros. The value for money is discreet. There are 7 top models.