How Do You See Your Deleted Android Notifications [TIP]

Are you mistakenly come to remove a notification on your Android smartphone before you got read the? With this tip, you can easily see the notification again.

On an Android smartphone may be daily flows many, many notifications to, and perhaps you’ve tried to get to push one of them away by mistake or have come to remove all.

Perhaps you would like to have known what app that sent a particular notification, or perhaps ignoring the contents of it. Fortunately, lying there in the Android 5.0 Lollipop and later a feature saved, so you can view all your previously received notifications in the entire system.

The function is called the notification log, and consists, as its name indicates, a log of the notifications you’ve received since the last restart. For each notification you can see what app that sent it, when, and parts of what was in it.

With the function so you can easily see what you received from notifications, even though you may have come to remove one or more by mistake. Of unknown causes is not possible to find in the page settings. On the other hand, you must do the following on your home screens such as Google Now Starts-home screen:

  1. Hold your finger down on an empty area on the home screen
  2. Click on “Widgets” and select the widget called “shortcut to settings”
  3. A list of shortcuts to settings now come forward.Click the “notification log file”
  4. The shortcut is now created on the home screen, and you now have access to the notification log with a single click.