How Can iPhone 7 Look without the 3.5 Mm Jack

See here how iPhone 7 might come to look like if Apple choose to scrap the jack plug to, among other things. to connect the headsets.

In spite of the fact that nothing is official yet, the guard has a sensation that Apple likely chose to scrap the familiar 3.5 mm minijack in the next iPhone 7.

This means that you can no longer connect all the traditional headphones in the normal way, but probably will need a special adapter made by Apple or manufacturers of accessories.

It is hard to imagine a smartphone without the classic jack, which has always followed with in any smartphone- with few exceptions. Designer Arthur Reis , however, has done the experiment and have thus created a long series of renderings, where he gives his idea of how a jack-free iPhone 7 can end up taking it out.

The classic iPhone design is in his pictures is roughly maintaining, which doesn’t come as the big surprise. More interesting is the bottom that stands out much more elegant and completely symmetric, when jack is away and instead replaced by additional holes in the metal frame, so that the sound from the speakers better can escape.

It looks undeniably good, but more doubtful is it, how practical it then and how consumers will accept such a drastic change. Apple’s motive in order to scrap the jack should be to be able to get an even thinner iPhone, and as demonstrated in this video gives the abolition of jack also relatively much extra space.

So of course also opens up a great opportunity that Apple can get a great business up and running with accessories that are uniquely created for the iPhone 7 –  by only working through the Lightning cable, if it is the solution that Apple goes with.

Rumors already point out that Apple was going to work on a set of wireless in-ear earphones in style with the Motorola Hint, which should be free from wires and save on a small rechargeable battery.