Home Surveillance with Skype Review

Skype is 24 centimeters long tape, with which you can then seal valuable effective. The strip raises the alarm if someone manipulated him.

If the alarm strip is severed, the business owner gets prompt a message from the Skype cloud on his smartphone and can react accordingly, can call the police or himself take on the socks  and look to the right. Given the Skype strip must have been inserted with one end in a small, lightweight plastic box, the Skype transmitter. This is a SIM card of the Telekom fixed installation. The transmission box is simply glued together with the alarm strip to the object. Box and strips remain in contact, manipulated up to the box or even the strip is torn because of the paper embedded interconnects. And then a message will be stopped immediately, however. Not via SMS to the owner, but the manufacturer server, which then forward t the alarm to the receiver.

The messages are received  with the free Skype app, available for iPhone from iOS 6, for Android 4.2 and Windows Phone 8.1. About the app can be managed and provided with unique name several Skype. And because to a user account must define itself, can be easily reached also via a Web browser to its Skype look.

Their start-up is very simple: strip in the box insert, both glue, finished. The Outbox independently verified mobile coverage locally and responds with a flashing light if the SIM card is no power. If everything is ok obtained this information as the first message on smartphone. The built-in rechargeable battery also sent a message when threatened to go after about four or five months the juice to him.

Skype was developed by Telekom together with the technology company Ingram Micro and comes with an interesting business model: The purchase price of 39.99 euro are included only two strips, only a bonding pad for the transmission box and, after all, a credit of 100 messages. What is depleted thereof, must be purchased newly added 100 more alarm messages cost 2.99 euros, five new adhesive pads for the box costs 4.99 euros and seven new Strype Strip cost 9.99 euros.