Here Are the Best Subscriptions to 200 Kroner, or Under

Are you looking for a new subscription? The mobile site has taken a price check at the Danish telecommunications companies. Here are the cheapest subscriptions for under 200 bucks.

If you’re hunting for a new subscription to your smartphone, you should try and take a look at what you have right now. Is the subscription you purchased for maybe two years ago, in fact, competitive today, or are you paying unnecessary much per month?

You can get an insight into in this comparison, where the mobile site has been on tour with the various Danish telecommunications companies to investigate, who offers the best subscriptions for 200 bucks or less.

In the last week since the absolute cheapest Mobile subscriptions found up to Max. 100 dollars to those who don’t need much more than a few hours of talk and a few GB of data. Now, we present the best subscriptions to consumers who use the smart phone something more intensively and streams Netflix, YouTube and download heavy game on the go-in other words, those who need something more subscriptions.

However, there is no need to fork up for expensive subscriptions to over 300 dollars. It can be done much cheaper-whether you’re a major consumer of data that first comparison below is addressed to or whether you prioritise extra included streaming and content services at a good price with in your subscription-as I said, again for Max. 200 crowns.

Here you get most data for money

The Danes ‘ consumption of mobile data is constantly increasing, and therefore is also something of the data plans that compete most about. If you belong to one of the many that prioritize the many GB of data in your subscription is high, you should take a look here.

The mobile site has gathered the top 5 telecommunications companies per 12. February offers most data to price within a price range on the aforementioned 200 crowns. The following telecommunications companies are sorted according to how much a GB data costs, and here it is – just as last week -Oister, which runs with the victory.

For just 109 kroner-cheaper than some of the others on the list – is also the telecommunications company Oister offers the greatest number of GB data for under 200 bucks. Followed by Telmore and CBB Mobil which provides 20 GB of data and 20 hours of speech for 129 and 139, respectively.

1. Oister 22 GB 22 hours 109 kr. 4.9 kr.
2. Telmore 20 GB 20 hours 129 kr. 6.5 kr.
3. the CBB Mobil 20 GB 20 hours 139 kr. 7 us $.
4. Call Me 20 GB Free speech 159 kr. 8 us $.
5. Coop mobile 20 GB 40 hours 179 kr. 9 kr.


The following 3 and happii (10 us $ per GB), YouSee (11 euro per GB), Zenji and Full rate (12 us $ per GB), Telenor and Telia (20 us $ per GB) and finally the TDC (25 us $ per GB).

Subscriptions with streaming and content services

In recent years it has also become extremely popular to entice customers to by entering into a series of collaborations with various content providers. It can be HBO Nordic, Netflix and Spotify for streaming of movies, tv series and music. It can also be other types of content such as Mofibo (audiobooks) or extra benefits like free roaming abroad or gift cards.

Since it is difficult to compare the telecommunications companies by price or price per GB of data, when there also included various content-and streamingtjenester, you will see below the 5 Danish telecommunications companies in any order, as here and now offers subscriptions for 200 dollars or below with different included services.

1. Telia 10 GB Free speech HBO Nordic, Storytel or Telia TV 199 kr.
2. TDC 8 GB Free speech Select 2: C More, TDC Play Movies & Series, Music, TDC TDC Play Travel clear EU, Mofibo, WYPE, Politiken, blockbuster
5 GB Extra Data, Data sharing or TDC Travel clear EU 100 MB
199 kr.
3. YouSee* 2-10 GB 2-10 hours Yousee Music and optional film each month 129 kr.
3. the CBB Mobil 20 GB 20 hours TIDAL 139 kr.
4. Zenji 16 GB Free speech 100 bucks back each month for choice of gift among 3,000 different 199 kr.

* Since YouSees subscriptions are flexible, you can even determine the number of GB of data and hours of speech within a framework that in this Small subscription called 2-10 GB of data and 2-10 hours of speech. The amount of selected data affects the amount of speech and vice versa.