HBO Spain Comes from The Hand of Vodafone: Free for Converged and Mobile Lines with Unlimited Calls

Update: HBO on-demand video service is now available in Spain and with this comes integration at Vodafone TV, including his catalogue of movies and series television of the operator service.

There seems to be consensus about whether video on demand is the present of the audiovisual industry, is your future or if precisely made to shake the foundations of the same. What is a reality is that big bets for this type of content are beginning to reach all corners of the planet, and if last year we attended the arrival of Netflix to Spain, now ToCA welcome to HBO.

After long wait, makers of game of thrones, the Sopranos, The Wire and the recent success of Westworld, they have officially landed in our country and, as it could not be otherwise, the operators were interested immediately to incorporate their emissions to converged offerings. Vodafone has been the first, HBO will be available as a channel on TV the Red operator at a very competitive price offer.

HBO, Netflix in Vodafone partner

Last year, when Netflix landed in Spain, Vodafone already joined Channel television offer and he did likewise with one very interesting offer. All high in Vodafone customers Netflix would have automatically six months absolutely free of charge, in order to be subscribers of payment and any other video streaming platform client.

Vodafone has confirmed that HBO will be integrated within its Vodafone TV offer, and that the channel will be shown on the decoders customers. Shall be in the range of titles, whose total size is not specified, all seasons of the great series of the moment as a game of thrones, Westworld, The Night off, Veep, True Detective or Silicon Valley.

As confirmed by Vodafone, the converging clients who have hired the Total package will enjoy HBO Spain within its usual rate, completely free. Customers rates Vodafone One L, XL, L, Red XL or L mobile network will also have HBO Spain free for two years, and the network or Vodafone One M customers will have three free months.

For other customers, HBO Spain may contract within the Vodafone TV offer at a price of 7,99 EUR per month, always with the first month free as part of the promotion of arrival of HBO in our country. The price, as it is the case with other services offered by Vodafone, will be included in the monthly invoice of the operator.

HBO Spain in Vodafone, short supply

Price of HBO Spain

Rate of Vodafone

Free forever Vodafone TV Total
Free two years Vodafone One L and One XL
Vodafone network L and XL network
Mobile Internet L
Free three months Vodafone One M
Vodafone Red M
7.99 euros per month with a free month Other clients of the operator

HBO is available both for customers of fiber Ono ADSL and mobile. Viewers can also find content using sections of search engine or recommendations, two of the features most used by users of Vodafone TV. Each subscription of HBO Spain can be used simultaneously for two users (for example, a user on television and another on your mobile).

As for the date of arrival, Vodafone has not confirmed anything. It has simply shown that it begins countdown to the arrival of the service to its TV platform. We’ll keep waiting to find out when it finally arrives. To see the catalogue which will be available with Vodafone and HBO, the operator has enabled address to consult it and also sign up to receive news by email.