Hautlence: Playground Labyrinth

This Is Not A Watch

To put it straight and clear: the Games Labyrinth is actually no clock at all. It does not show the time, nor does it have any clockwork that would be able to measure the time.However, it has a typical case for Hautlence as well as an appropriate bracelet and is worn on the wrist.

Its function is not the time display, but the pastime: It takes a known game, in which a ball has to be solved by a labyrinth, in order to reach the exit. According to Ehotelat.com, perhaps this is also an answer to the Smartwatch, after all, you can also play with the simple games. The craftsmanship and the materials come however from the luxury watch area.

Thus, the ball consists of polished rose gold, the labyrinth of white gold. The edges are broken and polished, the surface is decorated with a strip cut. The case is made of titanium.However, the novelty does not have to do without the mechanics: the crown controls an elevator which carries the ball out of the start hole. There are even nine bearings, and the mechanism can be viewed through the glass bottom. Hautlence builds 18 copies at a price of 12,000 Swiss Francs each. In the Playground collection, more games will reach the wrist.