Guide: Upgrade Windows Phone 8.1 for Windows 10 Mobile

Do you want to upgrade Windows Phone 8.1 in your Lumia-Mobile for Windows Mobile 10? Get a handle on the upgrade with this video and step by step guide from Microsoft.

After the one month-long delay after another Microsoft finally released Windows 10 Mobile-upgrade for older Lumia-smartphones from Nokia and Microsoft Windows Phone with 8.1.

In this context, Microsoft has now released an official video that guides you through a full upgrade from Windows Phone 8.1 for the new Windows Mobile 10. However, not all Lumia-models can upgrade to the new Windows software.

  1. Check if your Lumia-mobile can be upgraded
    The first thing you need to do, therefore, is to ensure that you have either a Lumia 430, 435, 532, 535, 540, 635, 640, 640 XL, 735, 830 or 930.It is these models so far can get Windows 10 Mobile.If you have another Lumia-smartphone, there is nothing more for than waiting for any news about that Microsoft extends the upgrade to multiple devices or try to contact Microsoft to see if there is new on the way your just your model.2. Download the Microsoft app Upgrade Advisor
    Then, Microsoft strongly recommends that you take a swing by the Microsoft Store and download the app Upgrade Advisor, which has been mentioned here on the mobile site. With the app, you can quickly see if your Lumia-smartphone is compatible with the new Windows 10 Mobile software.

    If that is the case, you may get a message stating that Microsoft is working with telecommunications carriers and smartphone manufacturers to get released the update for your model as soon as model.From here, there is nothing else to do than to wait for your model will receive the upgrade.

    3. Free space to download the upgrade
    When you receive a notification that Windows 10 Mobile-upgrade is available, Microsoft recommends that you åbnerUpgrade Advisor-the app again. It will guide you through the upgrade process and particularly help you free up space on your Lumia-mobile if there is not enough space to download the upgrade.

    Heldigivis, Microsoft has made it easy by that you can either move the files temporarily to an external microSD card or make a backup in OneDrive. You can also go into more advanced approach, if you even want to select each file that you want to move to free up space. In the video we see that the Windows Mobile upgrade 10 fills 1.72 GB, so expect that it also lies in the magnitude of your Lumia-mobile.

    4. Make your phone ready for upgrade
    After you have created an automatic backup for OneDrive or your microSD card or selected files manually, so that there is enough free space, you’re about ready to begin the upgrade. Here it is recommended that both be connected to your WiFi network, otherwise it can be a costly affair to download via mobile data, if your subscription is not equipped for it. The charger is also recommended to be plugged in, because such a large upgrade often swallows a share of power.

    5. start the upgrade
    Upgrade, you start by going into the Settings and then Update by phone, where you must press the download button. When Windows 10 Mobile is downloaded, simply press “install” and accept the terms. Now restart your Lumia-smartphone, and then it’s just to wait until the teeth again – now with Windows 10 Mobile installed.

    6. Restore the removed content from the microSD card or OneDrive
    If you used the Upgrade Advisor-the app in order to free up space to perform the upgrade, you must now open the app again. Here you will find now a “restore” button, which automatically happens the restoration from the media you chose to do back on.

    Windows 10 Mobile is now running on your Lumia-smartphone with exactly the same content and the same apps that you had lying around before you freed space to download the upgrade.