Google Will Launch Tablet in Partnership with Verizon

The CEO of Verizon Wireless confirmed today that the company is rather working on a tablet PC in partnership with Google, the search giant. Lowell McAdam chairs the mobile operator that is fighting with AT & T, which is a partner of Apple in selling the iPad with access to the 3G network.

Rumors of a gTablet are not today. It’s been almost a month since the TB published the information that Eric Schmidt’s friends have said that the executive works on a machineto beat Apple in the new segment of mobile devices that are neither netbooks or smartphones or notebooks (complicated, not?).

McAdam said in an interview with the Wall Street Journal, that tablets are the next big wave of opportunities. Details on the manufacturer or tablet as this would, however, were not disclosed. Much less if he would run the Google Android or Chrome OS. One is focused on smartphones and the other on netbooks … But what would be a gTablet?