Google Will Launch Ebook Service in Japan: Report

Finally Google will enter the coveted market of electronic books, and according to the business newspaper Nikkei the front door to the new service will be Japan, where the service must land soon.

Unlike Google Books the new service, which will be called Google Edition, will be paid and market securities of small and large publishers in the country, breaking it will be free to determine their own prices and will be 63% of income from operations.

The launch should happen in the coming weeks and initially the new service should have around 10 thousand titles. European and American can only check the novelty of the company at the end of the first half of 2010.

One of the biggest differences Google Edition compared to its competitors – read: Amazon – is that the books will not be downloaded by the user, but will be available on the network and can be accessed from more than one device.

Now you need an e-reader, right? [MarketWatch]