Google Releases The July Security Patch, Which Resolves over 100 Errors

Google has already released for Nexus devices, the July security fix, which solves a whopping of more than 100 errors, several of them had to do with the components of the operating system and drivers of some manufacturers of processors, although its main objective is the part of the system that manages the flow of sound and video.

As for this part, the patch addresses 16 vulnerabilities, of which at least 7 are critical, that it could be used for advanced privileges. Another treated vulnerability is having to do with OpenSSL and BoringSSL libraries. Google has had to divide into two parts this update due to the huge number of addressed errors.

One of the parties is dedicated to which affects to all Android devices, While the other would focus on devices with a few chips in particular. The first part has resolved a total of 32 vulnerabilities, of which 8 would be critical. This update has a date of July 1.

The other hand, dated July 5, meets 75 vulnerabilities of terminals with MediaTek, Qualcomm and Nvidia chips. Google already notified a month ago to manufacturers who could prepare their own patch to release its respectios terminals, while the big G freed him for your devices.