Google Publishes Official Android N-Here Are All the News

Out of the Blue Air Announces Google the next Android version with the previous name, Android N. View all the new features and design changes here.

Last year, for the first time, Google introduced a beta release of an Android version at Google I/O by 2015. It has since then been expected that the same would be the case this year at this year’s Google i/o event for about two months.

How should it not, however, go, because out of nowhere is the next big Android version suddenly been launched as it- as Google’s Android-Director even call it -earliest preview ever.

There is therefore not just a beta version, but a so-called alpha version. That means an operating system, there is a lack of even more work before it is ready for launch, but on the other hand, it allows Google to accept even more feedback in the coming months.

It is as such that you can already download the Android N to a selected number of Nexus-products-even as a direct OTA update. The supported Android smartphones, tablets and boxes are Nexus 6, Nexus, Nexus 6 p 5 x, Nexus, Nexus Player 9 and Pixel C.

In spite of the fact that the most recent publicly available version of Android, Marshmallow, is only installed on 2.3% of all Android products, you can already now try their hand with the even newer Google software. It must be said to be just a bit remarkable.


Multi window comes at last to Android

So what’s new in Android N with the yet unknown name and version number? They are not so many. The largest of them all, and as Google emphasizes most is multi window function. This feature has been requested for a long time is right in step with the need for productivity on the small screen areas increased. Here has been for a long time afterwards, but the Android Android N change, says PETSINCLUDE.

Just as the name indicates this function makes it possible to have multiple Windows open at once, making Android a step closer to many of its competitors. Multi window lets you have two apps open at the same time either side by side or above each other, and in the Middle you have a dividing line that can be moved around on depending on how much of each app you want to look at.

From the list of open apps, you can choose which apps you want to appear in the multi window-mode.There is even a picture-in-picture mode for large screens and, for example, Android TV as an alternative to multi window where multiple monitors are displayed on top of each other like small Windows in the corner.

New design of notifications and quick settings

As it was revealed through reconstructions of Android N not so very long ago, will be the notification bar and quick settings-panel designed from scratch in Android N. Many of the icons will be moved around, and generally we are talking about a totally new and fresh design, however, basic is based on the same principle as before.

The new notifications come with better support for direct reply by, for example, messages from notifications, just as several notifications sent from the same app now also can be grouped in order to give a better overview. If an SMS app sends you notifications about messages received from several different audiences, they can be combined in a smarter way now.

As it also was revealed ahead of time, the options also got a redesign. Now appears far more info out of the individual settings, so you can quickly get an overview of hvillke settings is selected. A page menu are also come to, so you can easily navigate to other parts of the settings.

Less resource-intensive background activity

Despite the fact that Android 6.0 Marshmallow introduced the Doze-batterisparefunktionen Android can still be somewhat resource intensive with a lot of activities and apps running in the background. This problem must be solved with Android N with the so-called Project Svelte. The goal is that developers must help to reduce RAM usage in Android by supporting new tools during the development of apps.

At the same time, the Doze-feature now enabled regardless of whether your smartphone is set to ask or not. Before batterisparefunktionen was only turned on automatically, if the lay still on a surface and not in use over a longer period of time, but now you can expect lower battery consumption even when it is in your pocket.


Dark night mode

The many white menus in Android can do it somewhat irritating to the eyes to use in the dark, where the bright user interface can dazzle even at the lowest brightness.

Therefore, you now have a night mode that can be activated if you want to make all white menus black and more comfortable to use in the late evening hours. There can also be activated a red filter that retains the normal white meneur, but which is less annoying for eyes in the dark – somewhat similar to apps like Twilight.

Many more news

A major version change as this brings with it, of course, many more news as we want to be very clued up on over the next few days as the features are detected. Home page Android Police is running a series of named Feature Spot was, as you can take a look at, if you want the latest overview of all the new features are continuously being discovered in Android N.


Android N is ready for summer

The release of Android N finds, as evidenced in the beginning, place some two months earlier than last year, and that means extra time to improve and refine the software.

Right now is Android N in alpha-stage and is expected to be released in 5 previews in everything:

  1. March (Alpha)
  2. April (beta)
  3. May (beta)
  4. June (finished Apis and Sdks)
  5. July (almost finished)

Eventually follows a final release in the course of the third quarter (July, august or september), from where you can expect to get Android N to your smartphone, if the manufacturer provides this for your model at the time.

Unlike last year, it will be much easier to test the new software. It all comes to be done through OTA updates so that you will avoid having to find USB cables above and write intricate commands to install the new operating system on your Nexus-smartphone or tablet.