Google Nexus S &Amp; Android 2.3 Became Official. The Best of The Week in Xatakamovil.

In Spain began the week at party, but on the other side of the pond had planned for the Monday news that we had been waiting for weeks: Google officially launched its second smartphone, Google Nexus S, manufactured by Samsung, and with it the factory operating system: Android 2.3 Gingerbread. We leave you with this and more news in our usual short, the best of the week:

List of posts about Gingerbread:

  • Google has released the Gingerbread SDK and our colleague Antonio Raya has made us a full summary of the main novelties of version 2.3 of Android. In the first part analyses the changes in the face of the user: interface and multimedia; and in a second explains the novelties in the technical section: hardware and development.
  • And with the introduction of the system become the doubts of what manufacturers update their terminals and when. The first confirmations come from part of Samsung and LG, the Galaxy S and Optimus families update.
  • As it could not be of another form, the first handset that will receive the OTA Gingerbread will be Nexus One, but not up to within a few weeks.

Apart from the launch of Gingerbread, in the section on operating systems include:

  • Produced 300,000 devices Android activations daily (and growing) according to Andy Rubin
  • Google lets us glimpse something Android Honeycomb interface on a Motorola tablet and show us a preview of Google Maps 5.
  • BlackBerry App World now accepts applications for BlackBerry PlayBook
  • We see in video will be like the function copy and paste in the next update of Windows Phone 7

We continue with software. Applications news:

  • Firefox Mobile will come to the Android Market this month
  • Angry Birds snares. The game has sold 42 million copies
  • iOSFlashVideo allows you to view Flash videos in iOS without Jailbreak
  • Priority Inbox becomes Gmail for Android

A couple of news on terminals:

  • HTC unveiled the HTC Knight with WiMAX connectivity
  • There will be no low range with Windows Phone 7 phones for now
  • IPhone 4 white come out in spring 2011

In relation to operators:

  • We highlight the interview to José Romero of Vodafone, published in two parts. A first on the current state of the market, the rates and services of attention to the client and a second part focused on mobile Internet and smartphones
  • What’s new in the online shop of Movistar, which in the wake of Vodafone and Orange and launches a mobile outlet store

The best news of the week

And as always, we ended up listing the five most voted news this week:

  • Google officially presents the Nexus S, the first smartphone with Android 2.3 Gingerbread
  • The Samsung Galaxy S and LG Optimus families will be upgraded to Android 2.3
  • The Nexus One will receive the OTA Gingerbread in a few weeks
  • Android: 300,000 activations per day and growing, according to Andy Rubin
  • Google presents the SDK of Android 2.3 Gingerbread officially, part I: interface and multimedia