Galaxy Xatakamovil (From 11 to 17 April)

We are still getting fatter our weekly links section, and today we are going to break the ice with a monologue of the actress Cristina Fenollar on the iPhone (although it would be with any smartphone). We have seen it in Netambulo, and it has hilarious moments.

With This roll of iPhones very nice moments have been lost. That precious moment, that you’re with a few friends and you want to remember a player, you have it on the tip of the tongue, and say «oh, Yes, that made chain Perpetua …», and there is always a moron with the iPhone that tells you “is Tim Robin”.

  • This week in Engadget’s would not know with what sit: on the one hand, a complete analysis of the GeeksPhone Zero (part I and part II), a compact smartphone by 179 euros that — why not highlight it — is Spanish. On the other hand, we have the first impressions of the HTC Sensation, next flagship HTC Taiwanese have embroidery design, software and hardware.
  • High comfort: Engadget explains us how control the player from the PC from the mobile. Remote IOS allows you to control iTunes, but also MediaMonkey, Rhythmbox, Songbird, Foobar2000. Android and WP7 alternatives are TunesRemote + and Remote for Windows Phone 7. And if I use VLC? Then you have it even easier.
  • You just bought an iPad and you don’t know where to start. They have listed in Applesfera 10 essential apps for iPad and, as it is usual in this type of posts, the list has been completing in the comments. It is worthwhile to take a look, you will have missed some.
  • Let us now that you’re new with Android. You gone a icon in the notification bar and you don’t know what means, for example a key. In the free Android they have met all the symbols that you can find with their corresponding explanation. By the way, the key means that you have connected to a VPN.

And nothing else. But we are back in the coming week. Meanwhile, any track to the contact form.