Galaxy Xatakamovil (From 1 to 8 May)

We closed one more week with a new string of links on mobility and other herbs. And to illustrate this Galaxy Xatakamovil began with the striking prototype of flexible smartphone that you can see on these lines: the PaperPhone.

In addition to a the circuitry and the e-ink screen flexible, does run Android and is quite functional (although not very ergonomic for now, is controlled by bending it – not without effort). We have seen it in 20 minutes.

  • This week, RIM has shown the teeth in the presentation of the BlackBerry 9900 with Blackberry OS 7, and at Engadget they tested it in Orlando. The final bet of the Canadian company by the high range, and with very good feelings of our fellow.
  • Sony Ericsson has also been filing this week in Xataka Android have tried new Sony Ericsson Xperia Mini and Mini Pro, the renovation of two of the most interesting mid-range posts of 2010.
  • Which already needs no introduction, as he has even a guinness record, is the LG Optimus 2 X, which our colleague Javier has analyzed video on Engadget. Seeing how moves 1080 p video on a TV, we have no doubt of its power.
  • In Oh my phone! they have earned the nostalgic for the graphic aventruas with a list of the best games for iPhone in this genre.
  • It is not the price, it is the deal. Based on this idea, they work in Pepephone according to an email sent to your customers. lists the letter of the OMV and comment it. Are the principles of Pepephone example that all operators should follow?

That’s all, we return the coming week to review it which us the next day. We hope your tracks on our contact mail.