Galaxy S7 Mini Will Be Samsung’s Answer to the iPhone 5SE

A compact Samsung flagship phone, called Galaxy S7 mini, is in the cards write Taiwanese media.

Samsung recently launched S7 series may soon be joined by a smaller but still potent variant, called Galaxy S7 Mini.

According to the Taiwanese netmedie Appledaily, Samsung is in the process of developing a mini-flag ship to take up the fight with Apple’s iPhone 5SErygtede. The upcoming iPhone 5SE is an iPhone that will inherit components from the existing iPhone 6S and Squish them down to a smartphone with 4 inch screen.

It is reported that the upcoming Galaxy S7 mini also will inherit specifications from its larger S7-brothers.The source points to a 4.6 inch HD display, latest Snapdragon 820 or Exynos 8890 processor, 3 GB RAM and a 12 megapixel camera.

Phone rumored to become more plump than the other S7-phones with a profile at 9.9 mm. A special Periscope-like optics mentioned simultaneously, which will give 3 times zoom. However, it is not certain whether or not this is an enhancement to the phone.

The first mini with big ambitions

It will not be the first time that Samsung is releasing a mini variant of their S-flag ship. Previously got all models from Galaxy to Galaxy SII S5, a little brother with mini-name. At that time covered the mini name over a reduced version of the flagship, where both the performance and functions was hamstrung when compared to the original.

With S6-generation got Samsung never launched any mini-variant. Instead, it was Samsung’s smaller Galaxy A3 series that filled the role of compact design telephone in the company’s line-up – but only with a modest Engineering magazine.
In the Danish market are compact phones with topspecifikationer popular, where Apple’s smallest iPhones and Sony’s Compact series has long dominated over their larger variants.