Galaxy S7: International Variant Faster Than the Danish

There are performance differences between the Danish Galaxy S7 and the international variant. See how the Danish S7’er is lagging behind here.

It’s not all Samsung Galaxy S7 there are identical and, on the other hand, comes the phone in two versions, the regular S7 and the more expensive, but larger and finer S7 Edge, components also varies from model to model.

Largest and most obvious difference is that S7 in certain markets will be ekviperet with a different processor than the Exynos 8890 processor as you get in the Danish model. In the United States, for example, is the Snapdragon 820 processor that controls the fun.

The two processors differ substantially on the paper, one of which is a quad-core while the Danish model has eight processor cores to dispose of. The major technical differences have created fears of an equally big gap in performance between the two variants.

For this reason, online-media gsmarena performed a series of tests between two Samsung Galaxy S7 Edges, each with its own processor – and the results alternates between a small victories respectively to one and the other processor.

Summarised all the results, however, it is the international variant leading Snapdragon. Take an average of the various test results scores Snapdragon 820 2.97 percent higher than the Danish Exynos-model.

Also the difference of the camera

Samsung also makes use of various components to the camera, where certain S7’ere have a Sony module aboard, while the other has a signed by Samsung.

The differences between the two camera modules are small, but to observe. You can first assess the differences between the two cameras including.