Fossil Launches Two Android Wear-Watches: Q Wander and Q Marshal

Watch and jewellery manufacturer Fossil unveils two new smartwatches: Q Wander and Q Marsha, both running Android Wear.

Back to October last year launched the American manufacturer of watches and jewelry, Fossil, its first smartwatch with Android Wear as operating system. The clock got a warm reception, and now builds on the success, as Fossil clock Q Founder has been abroad.

Therefore, the manufacturer launches today two new watches in the same Q-Series with the names Q Wander and Q Marshal. Again, it is Google’s Android Wear that is installed, so you can pair it with your Android smartphone and iPhone.

At first glance there does not seem to have happened it really big in the two new smartwatches, but it is there. Fossil writes in a blog post that you have taken all consumer feedback from the first Q Founder-watch for it, and it has resulted in the two new models.

This means that you can choose again this year a large model at 46 mm just as last year, but also a smaller at 42 mm. Both new agency has been cut a whole part of the border around the screen away, as not only decorate on the appearance, but also causes them to not feel nearly as great to wear.

Mens watch is model Q Marshal on 46 mm, which has a hardy Navy Blue watch case made of steel with sharp lines, which sits a vintage leather strap. Is the leather not you, you can also choose between a led and silikonerem. Agency’s very stylish exterior look is also because there is not a single port or contact.Charging takes place for wireless-most likely with a Qi-compatible wireless charger.

Should you prefer a more feminine smartwatch, as there is no horrible many of on the market, is the model Q Wander a good bid. The size has shrunk to 42 mm, but screen edge is still just as thin. It is again a very stylish design in either gold or black, which makes itself felt, but now with softer curves. Here you will find the same selection of straps as the Great Lord of the model.

“The extended Q-product line creates creativity, curiosity and connectivity through smarter watches and fitnesstrackere that improves consumers ‘ personal style,” says Jill Elliott, technical director.


Price and availability

Fossil leads, unfortunately, not its products in Europe. Why must you wait and hope that the new watches will be parallel-imported or even make it from foreign webshops. There are no allegations that Fossils smartwatches lands in the Danish trade right pt.

The price of the two watches are otherwise quite sensible. They start at a price that is $ 275, which directly translated into Danish kroner equivalent to 1,850 crowns – before VAT and other costs.