Football Package on Vodafone for The Season 2016 / 2017 Cost 18 Euros

This year, Movistar has chosen to include soccer mandatorily in the Fusion package with the consequent increase in price for all customers, allowing you to offer a final price somewhat tighter than its rivals. Meanwhile, for the season 2016 / 2017, Vodafone and Orange It seems that they will maintain the package optionally football so only those interested to pay for it.

But the price will no longer be as attractive as the last season, which we got to see up to 6 euros, and on this occasion Vodafone It will offer the full package of football by 18 euros per month throughout the season, 1.90 euros less than the Orange, which practically equal a final price which around 100 euros in the three operators with fiber to 300 megs, TV, unlimited calls between 3 and 4 GB.

As advances neeo, Vodafone football package will feature channels BeIN Sports (Champions and Europa League), BeIN LaLiga (League except great game and Cup) and LaLiga2 (emitting matches second division). Is waiting to be confirmed what will happen to channel that emits the Great game or without will be included in the package for the same price.

Customers may subscribe to the new package from August 16 with a promotional price that will then go to 25 euros per month for those who contracted it outside the promotional period. Users who currently have hired football enjoying a reduced price for having hired last season, will keep it until the end of the promotion at the end of the year and then start to pay 18 euros.

While prices are partially confirm and we will know if there is a possibility of hiring channels loose instead of the entire package of football along with other details, because we can go by an idea of how much will cost the football next season.

Movistar Vodafone Orange
Coverage with decoder Through countrywidefiber, DSL or satellite Only in areas of fiber and direct ADSL Only in areas of fiber and direct ADSL
Multi-device Yomvi (smartphones, tablets, smart tvs, Xbox) Vodafone TV (smartphones, tablets, smart tvs) Orange TV (smartphones, tablets, smart tvs)
Other advantages It includes channels exclusively
and other international leagues
It includes EU and us – roaming It is possible to see soccer without contract
TV package
Price mobile 200 min + 2 GB Not available €80 with ADSL
€88 with fiber 120
€92 with fiber 300
€80 with ADSL
€92 with fiber 300
Price with mobile unlimited + 3/4 GB €80 with ADSL
€95 with fiber 300
€85 with ADSL
€93 with fiber 120
€97 with fiber 300
€87 with fiber 30
€99 with fiber 300

Once details are confirmed we will update the comparison with the rest of possibilities without the full package or additional mobile lines included.