First Shots of iPhone 7: Mini Jack Connector and Home Button Disappears

The first pictures of the supposed iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus have appeared Not only minijack connector. is gone as expected, but also the Home button.

Time is probably here, where a smartphone can be launched without being leaked at all sorts of mysterious websites and of dedicated “tipstere” on, among other things, Twitter-even for Apple.

The first three images are in fact emerged of what is likely to be the next iPhone and iPhone 7 Plus 7, as tradition is expected to be launched this fall. The first image is from a news site based in Hong Kong, where the back of an iPhone 7 Plus is seen.

As it often belongs to with leaked photos, however, it is of a rather dubious quality, and it is therefore difficult to say whether this is the real thing. Firstly, it may be a prototype that has been photographed, and secondly, it is seen before that Chinese clones of the rygtede iPhone will be mistaken for the real thing.


Dual-camera on the back and new Smart Connector

In any case, the picture shows an iPhone 7 Plus in size and shape, which appears to be unchanged, but still saves on relatively major design changes. Most obvious is the addition of an extra camera on the back (which isn’t coming to iPhone 7), as there have been rumors for some time and which has just come out of pictures.

Where Samsung has cut a few millimeters of the camera’s stykkelse in the latest Galaxy S7 compared to its predecessor, looks the opposite appears to be the case with this iPhone 7 Plus compared to 6 Plus’eren. The camera seems to poke something more out, and with a location entirely out of one since it will immediately lie slightly askew on a level surface.

A previous rumor about both iPhone 7s have gone on that Apple will scrap the so-called antenna lines – the two small, bright lines of plastic that breaks the aluminum back at the top and bottom, so that the signal from the antennas can penetrate. They are indeed removed from the back, but they are not completely gone. Now they are located in the top and bottom, which helps to give the back a little more stylish design.

Finally, is also seen Apple’s Smart Connector-contact surface located at the bottom of the back, which allow the connection of, among other things, Smart Keyboard just like the iPad Pro.

Mini Jack connector and Home button disappears in both iPhone 7s

The mini jack connector will be scrapped in the upcoming iPhone 7 (and 7 Plus) can gradually come as a great surprise when the rumors about these buzzing in the air for a few months now. If two other images from Apple Insider stands to display the real thing, is it good enough:

Minijack-plug disappears in iPhone and iPhone 7 Plus 7. Fortunately, there is expected to be accompanied by a Lightning to minijack adapter, so you can listen to music with your existing accessories.

The positive thing about this approach must be said to be, that probably comes even better sound out of the bottom of the iPhone and iPhone 7 Plus 7, since there will be room for at least an extra large speaker right as in the opposite side of the Lightning-port.

What is more surprising is to genhæld that you also have to say goodbye to the Home button. Also this has been rumored, but never in connection with iPhone and iPhone 7 Plus 7. In June last year passed a rumor that the physical Home button below the screen disappears, and instead added an ultra-thin TDDI-chip with fingerprint reader embedded directly in the monitor Panel. At the time, said a source:

“Apple develops internally on solutions for its iPhones with integration of touch element and display panel into a single chip (TDDI). The chip will also come with an integrated fingerprint reader. The integrated design will fit into future iPhone-designs-models with ultra thin and ultra-thin screens and with an entire plant design that eliminates the Home button “.

This makes it possible for Apple to either cut a good centimeter of height and get a 4.7 “iPhone 7, which is easier to operate. Apple may also go the other way, as did many other manufacturers have done: to exploit the space better within the same dimensions and screw a tooth up to the screen size.

On the basis of these not particularly sharp images could therefore well be some truth about the two rumors, but with many months to launch, it is too early to say anything definitive about what iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus get and don’t get.

What do you think? Is the iPhone and iPhone 7 Plus 7 that is leaked pictures of already, or it seems too good to be true?