Find Out What’s New in the New Ipad Pro

Apple announced today – September 9 – the launch of the iPad Pro, whose main novelties are a screen with 12.9 inches and two new accessories: a pen and a keyboard.

The pen is inspired by the success of samsung notes and the keyboard on Surface, the tablet of Microsoft.

These two new items are obviously a breakthrough, but a nearly 13-inch screen is one of the boldest bets in the history of the American company.

It is larger than the screen of a Mac (12 inches), but the similarities with a notebook end there.

Even so, Apple’s strategy seems to be even moving forward in the notebook segment.

Find Out What's New in the New Ipad Pro

Apple claims that the new iPad is faster than 80% of notebooks released in the last 12 months.In addition, in the same comparison, it has a battery life of 10 hours – against 4 hours of an ordinary notebook and weighs 713g (wi-fi model) – against an average of 1.5kg of its competitors.

A new product?

In theory, that’s a good idea. A device that replaces a larger and heavier one. In practice, the lack of support for ordinary day to day tasks is a major problem.

A notebook you lean on your legs and lap but a tablet needs to be inserted into your hands. And from my experience, the 9-inch upward tablets begin to bother – and a lot – after a few hours of use.

In any case, Apple imagines that its user is getting used to the use of the new pen and new keyboard (similar to Surface, the Microsoft tablet).

Prices and deadlines

The iPad Pro arrives in the US market in November, with the following prices:

32GB=$ 799/64GB=$ 949/128GB (with wi-fi and cell phone)=$ 1079.

Keyboard=$ 169.

Pen=99 dollars.

As usual, the launch of the iPad Pro for the Brazilian market is not yet foreseen.