Facebook, Whatsapp and Google Turns up the Encryption

In the wake of Apple’s battle with the American authorities, the tech giants Facebook and Google increase the encryption in their services.

Silicon Valley quite heavy boys, Google and Facebook, will now take a step towards increased encryption of their users ‘ information and messages. The British The Guardian writes.

Who reads it that Facebook popular messaging service, Whatsapp, now will get encrypted both voice and text messages from the end user to end user in the coming weeks. Facebook’s second major message service, Messenger, will also get a security overhaul in the same period.

Whatsapp is used today by 1.1 billion users, while the Messenger counts 800 million users.

With search giant Google reported also on increased development activity in an encrypted mail service.

Security and encryption is spreading

It is several months of legal tug of war between the US authorities and Apple are believed to underlie the increased focus on encryption and protection of private life peace.

Apple is challenged by the US Federal Police to develop a back door into their encrypted iPhones – a requirement that Apple believes is liable to compromise the entire security in Apple’s iOS operating system.

Several other tech companies are now working to incorporate encryption into their services. According to the Guardian. With Twitter in terms of the ability to add an encryption function, while Snap chat also works to strengthen the security of their instant-messenging service.