Electronics Market in Germany

392 euro spent consumer 2015 average for a new smartphone, some 25 million devices went over the counter in the year. For 2016, the sector expects similar numbers.

The German market for smartphones will no longer grow in the current year. The industry is expecting a sales of approximately 25 million devices

as in the previous year, the Consumer Electronics Association reported godgift. Already by 2015, the number of smartphones only to 4 percent was continued, with however the average price went upstairs.

The Association reported average per Smartphone consumers spent more 392 euro and thus good 7 percent than the year before, from his analysis of the market. 2015, revenues in this segment climbed by 11.4 percent to 9.8 billion euros. A price slump by cheap Asian competition so far not in sight, the gfu Chairman Hans-Joachim Kamp said. Smartphones were still a status symbol.

Tablets and PCs down

The tablets and PCs business is the market in reverse: as 1.3 million desktop PCs were sold by 2015 in Germany – a decrease of 19.5 percent the previous year. Tablet computer declined by 7.5 percent to nearly 6.2 million PCs and notebooks to 5.2 percent to almost 5.2 million units. For 2016, the gfu expected slight declines in these devices.

Entertainment devices electronics overall revenues remained stable thanks to a strong fourth quarter when compared to the previous year by 2015. The classic Consumer Electronics reported a negative 5.3 percent. The decline was larger than expected failed, Kamp said. Total therefore reached a sales volume of EUR 27.4 billion.

European Football Championship to drive TV sales

The individual segments fared very differently. For the current year, the industry again expect a stabilization of the market, said Kamp. Due to the upcoming European Championship, especially the TV equipment manufacturers expect an appealing business again. 2015 sales declined with TVs, hopes for 2016 are above all the large-sized UHD TVs.