Edge Screen for Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Gets New Features

With Android 6.0 Marshmallow is Samsung Galaxy S6 edge has become even smarter with new shortcuts and features in the side of the curved screen. View them all here.

In connection with the rollout of Android 6.0 Marshmallow for the Samsung Galaxy S6 and s6 the contoured edge, which since then has been officially confirmed by Samsung, the manufacturer has made a number of improvements in the supplied TouchWiz software, so you can now take advantage of the curved edge-screen even better than before.

In a press release that the side panel in Samsung writes right side has been expanded from having a width of 260 pixels (18% of the screen width) to over twice: 550 pixels or 38% of the screen width. In addition, you can now also add up to 9 different panels, which can be customized just for your needs.

This means that the possibilities for what you can on your screen when you hiver features forward from the side, is improved significantly with Marshmallow-upgrade. It concerns the following news:


People edge

With people edge you have easy access to your favorite contacts on an even more intuitive way in which images are supplemented with names, and you also have easier access to settings-shortcut. In the picture above you can see People edge respectively before and after the upgrade to Android 6.0 Marshmallow.

Room for more apps in the Apps edge

It is the same changes that make it applicable for apps edge, where you can view your most used apps.The increased space in the Panel now provides the opportunity to add another column with 5 additional apps, so that can now be displayed 10 at one time.

Tasks edge

A new panel, Tasks, edge, have also come to. It is basically the same as Apps edge, but with the ability to add shortcuts to your apps such as to do an event in S Planner or set an alarm. You can also add additional contacts to Tasks via edge.


Quick tools: Nifty tools at your fingertips

Finally, Samsung also equipped edge screen with smart tools such as a ruler, a compass and an adjustable flashlight that can be activated in just a few clicks. Tools can even be customized in several ways if you need it.