Danish ID2ME Spreads Abroad and Lowers the Price of ID1

Big news is happening in Danish ID2ME. The company broadens not only for Germany, but also lowers the price and emits a large update to the smart phone ID1.

In spite of the fact that the smart phone ID1 from the new Danish company, ID2ME, had a somewhat lukewarm verdict of the country’s mobile critics and only have been finding at one retailer (Telia), spreading the company’s CEO, Christina Agger, now the new Mobile brand in addition to the Danish border, more specifically to Germany.

“Germany is for us saved as the first international market, since more than 70% of Germans already has an Android smartphone, and the market is significantly larger than in Denmark. German consumers have historically a positive purchase pattern with online shopping, and that is why we have chosen to sell ID1 via ID2MEs German Web store, “says Christina Agger, CEO and founder of ID2ME.

An expansion to Germany is only the beginning, says. ID2ME has plans to hit another market in the course of 2016, but which is yet to be seen.


Great software update rolls out

Expansion to Germany happens while Android debut mobile ID1 receives a big software update in the light of the feedback, as ID2ME has received during the approximately three months, as the cell phone has been on the market, just as there is also the other day was held a feedback meeting with 20-25 people.

“We have been listening to users and is proud to present an even better design and a more personal and delicious user experience with the software update, which has just rolled out at ID1,” says Christina Agger.

This means that you now can look forward to improvements of the camera and video footage, the ability for fine adjustment of the speed in navigation, new icons for categories, improvements of animations, new backgrounds, graphical improvements as well as general improvements in the service.

Id1:1,000 dollars cheaper Now

One of the reasons why ID2ME have had a hard time to convince Danish consumers may have been the price sign, which at launch was called 4,000 dollars.

That is why ID1 now become nothing less than 1,000 dollars cheaper, so now can buy it, not only with Telia, but now also on our site for 2,995 dollars with free shipping. For German buyers will be price something near identical: € 399 or 2,975 dollars.