COOP Make Own Competitor to MobilePay and Swipp

The retail company Coop, which, among other things. Stand behind the facts Kvickly and Irma, take a stand with MobilePay and Swipp and make your own app for mobile payment.

Mobile payment promises to be tomorrow’s payment technology in stores, and it has led to a great deal of competition for, how to do it-not only from banks, but also mobile manufacturers.

Now comes yet another competitor to: The Danish retailer Coop, which has more than 1,200 Danish shops all over the country. Coop will not implement existing technologies for mobile payment such as MobilePay from Danske Bank or Swipp from the other banks, which requires a separate box with the NFC and Bluetooth technology.

Instead rates Coop on his own app that should make it even easier and faster to pay the items in grocery stores.

“Mobile payments in stores is the future, but not in its current form from Swipp and MobilePay. Therefore we will build our own solution to the 1.5 million. members. We will hooking loyalty, membership and payment, and members will have the opportunity to pay much faster and more simple than today, “ says Kræn Østergaard Nielsen, Director of Coop technology to

It is still unclear how exactly the app will take it out and how it will do better than current solutions. In any case, it will be available for those customers who already are testing the so-called “Beep & Pay”-app that lets you bypass the queue by scanning the items while you trade them.

The plan is eventually to release payment solution in the second half of this year, and considering according to also to make it possible to use the upcoming app along with a credit card.

Is open to MobilePay and Swipp in app

Although the Coop doesn’t want to equip its stores with MobilePay, Swipp, Apple Pay and Android Pay its current form, the company is still open to implement them – in a different way.

“Our boxes must not be transformed into purely Tivoli with Mobilepaybokse, Apple gizmos and dankort terminals. There must be a common infrastructure. However, we can easily imagine putting Mobilepay, Swipp etc. into our betalingsapp. Like members do not need to be customers in Coop Bank in order to be able to use the app, “ he says.

Whether there is room for yet another app on the market for mobile payments, which consumers must download and learn to know, will probably be Coops biggest challenge. Danske Bank has had great success with MobilePay at the expense of, among other things. the other banks ‘ app, Swipp, where the connection from the consumer has not been nearly as great.