CHUWI Hi12 Tablet PC Review

The Chinese manufacturer CHUWI has finally made available HiPen H1, the stylus to use, for now only in combination with the CHUWI Hi12 Stylus tablet officially unveiled last month.

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The pen is 13.9 cm long, with coarse 1.2 mm and weighing 16 grams. The use of aluminium for use by air (with an oxidized finish by sanding process) has allowed us to keep the weight of the little stylus that is gross of AAAA battery according to

The HiPen H1 has a chip that is able to recognize 256 levels of pressure that are brought up to 512 by a special internal software, precision limits are set at a maximum of 2 mm and the writing angle reaches 30° simulating almost perfectly writing on paper.

The autonomy is about 250 hours of continuous use with its automatic sleep system. From the side, the stylus has two keys that emulate the mouse keys, both excellent for use with Windows and Android.

The press launch Chuwi stated that

the stylus was created to offer a new way to interact with their devices and starts from the concept of the pen seeking to reproduce the sensations and the ergonomics of a pen and hold it.

Hipen H1 recognizes and differentiates the pressure of Palm pen input, so you can draw or write with your Palm leaning tablet screen without interfering with what you are drawing increasing comfort of writing.