Chrome for Android Could Reduce Consumption Data for Slow Connections

Browsers for mobile devices operates and Amazon Silk, among others, include compression technology to reduce the consumption of data and faster loading websites on slow connections, something very practical when our data rate is very limited. As well, Google is working on its own technology to your browser Chrome for Android.

François Beaufort, the same developer that leaked Chrome book Pixel and put us on the track on the new Unified Messaging Google service, he has found in the code of Chrome for Android that Google is developing an experimental function (chrome://flags) that will reduce the consumption of data using proxies from Google and the SPDY Protocol.

Google servers is responsible for compressing the web page that you want to visit to send that version reduced to our device to save data and load more quickly in the event that we do not have good download speed.

Currently this experimental feature is not available for activation from chrome://flags but if you can enable it manually on Chrome 25 for Android with the help of a computer and the Android SDK. You only have to write the following command from the terminal:

It is unknown if Google will officially launch this new feature or when. It is rumored that it could appear in 26 Chrome for Android Beta version in the coming weeks in order to enable the reduction of data easily from its experimental features section.