Check out the Canon Releases

The Japanese giant will launch, at one time, four new products to market, more a lens and a machine with “Facebook”

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According to nampabuyer, we’ve been here the launch of the new Canon 70 d and the possibility of launching a brand demédio camera format in 2014.But this Wednesday (22) Canon announced four machines, a lens and an update for the next few months.

It took the competition of short pants and they will have to chase the money.

-Bought your camera, now learn to shoot better!
-You know what is celebrated on 2 September day?

Check out the Canon Releases

Let’s start talking about the launch of the Canon G16, the flagship of the brand.

Powershot Canon G16

This release of the Canon, the G16 came to replace the PowerShot G15 . The two look identical on the outside, but inside, the changes are significant.

Now the new camera has a faster autofocus and a number of up to 9.3 fps (shots per second). Besides, she has the disputed and welcome built-in Wi-Fi, which allows you to upload directly toFlickr, YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, and Canon Image Gateway.

The sensor is the same as the G15, 12.1 MP CMOS and also 5 x zoom (equivalent to 28-140 mm).

The G16 will come out with a suggested retail price of $ $550.

Canon S120

The S120 12.1 MP CMOS sensor comes with and 5 x zoom (28-140 mm) lens with f/1.8-5.7, equal to your predecessor Canon S110.

The auto focus was faster with the processor Digic 6 and can shoot up to 12.1 fps.

She hits the stores with a suggested retail price of $ $450.

Canon SX510 HS

The Canon’s superzoom comes to replace the SX500. Your zoom is 30 x (24-720 mm–which gives fine for shooting a moon) with opening of f/3.4-5.8.

The CCD sensor has been replaced by a 12.1 MP CMOS. It also has Wi-Fi system and image stabilization in the lens, called Zoom Framing Assist.

Canon SX510 will hit stores with price around $ $250.

Canon SX170

The room upgrade is the SX170, which is a cheaper option for superzoom cameras. She came to replace the SX160, but not much has changed.

The zoom remains of 16 x (28-448mm) with aperture of f/3.5-5.9 and image stabilizer.

The same change came in replacement of AA batteries forlithium-ion battery.

The price will revolve around $ $180.

Other news:

Was added on Canon PowerShot N a new button called “Facebook”, where, by pressing, you share the file for the social network instantly.

The Canon PowerShot N is expected to cost $ $300.

And, finally, another release from Canon is the lens EF-S 55-250 mm f/4-5.6 IS STM. The lens comes with a powerful image stabilizer for pictures and movies with the zoom on the stem.

She will make your debut in September and the Canon 55-250 mm lens should leave for $ $350.

Remember that the prices of equipment is “out there”, since when you get to Brazil, the addition of the absurd Government taxes should duplicate the source value.