Cell Phone for All Cases

Music cell phone, Smartphone, outdoor mobile, fitness trainer-the Nokia 5500 sport to serve many purposes. In the test, you will learn what it has on it.

Rain, dust, rough handling: the world of outdoor sports is not just the home Habitat of sensitive design phones. Here are stoically who brings only a real outdoor phones.

According to timelesstablets, but do the Nokia 5500 sport, the first outdoor mobile with the Smartphone operating system Symbian S60, even business demands? And what is behind the sport features that also has the 5500 on board? Our test gives you the answers.

Phone Features: “A SMS Look,!”

The operating system of the 5500 belongs to the large family of Symbian and correspondingly generous facilities around the phone.

Phone functions
The 5500 has everything on it, what you can expect from a current phone in terms of telephony. For example a very detailed contact, call, and messaging management together with the even rarer text-to-speech output. That is to say: in addition to the names of callers from the phonebook you can even SMS text in. This works quite well in practice, can contribute as well to the General exhilaration when you select very high or very low speaking rate. Then it sounds either like a sci-fi robot or heavily drunk.

Also available: voice dialing and voice command, special ring tones for contact groups and individual contacts, MP3s, and his own recordings as a ringtone. Integrated push-to-talk – however, only T-Mobile provides this Walkie-Talkie service.

Data functions
USB 12 MBit / s for the PC contact, Bluetooth radio and infrared for connection to other devices and GPRS and EDGE for the connection to the Internet – it shows the 5500 average connectivity. UMTS is missing, so that large downloads are no pleasure. But for the short E-Mail in between, or it can always game downloads.Speaking of which: The 5500 has a full-fledged email client (POP3, IMAP, and SMTP) on board.

While Nokia provides no software CD, but the 5500 was in the test after all, as an external drive on XP machines use-at least, if a memory card was inserted. No card, no connection came about. Nice: You can sync the music on your phone using the Microsoft Media Player. Less nice: In the sports edition Nokia provides with small map only 64 MByte-thus a music fan won’t get very far, because MP3 music corresponds to 1 minute in a good quality 1 MByte.

PDA/Multimedia: Good Game, Lots Of Music

Yes, thanks to its open operating system goes through the 5500 as a Smartphone. No, it’s not everything on it not is a Smartphone-at least in the delivery condition.

PDA functions
In principle Yes, we respond with radio Yerevan on the question of whether calendar, synchronize contacts and co. with Microsoft Outlook can be. However you need to download only the software from Nokia for this, because no CD is in the package. Ensure that collected 5500 minus points.

In terms of Word and Excel is little without retrofitting with foreign software: the supplied 64 MB big memory card installed a PDF reader-it’s also. After all, there’s a unit converter and a zip program, and a voice recorder, whose shooting are limited to one minute in addition to the bags.

Who’s bored with the 5500, is itself guilt: the Mobile brings also a maze game in addition to snake and Sudoku, in which you control the ball as one of the classic board games-by you Board, UH: gently tilt the phone. Namely, the 5500 has an accelerometer, the also-see sports-for mobile control can be used.

In addition, a real player are as well as a good MP3 player installed, which displays ID3 tags like artist, title and album, and in addition to customisable sound presets also has special functions such as balance, bass boost, surround and reverb effects.Practical: Nokia provides stable ironing earphones, which hold much firmer to the ear than the conventional plugs. More practical: If you have a other headphones (plug: 3.5 mm jack) want to use, you can plug it on the remote control of the headset.

The digicam of the 5500 resolves 2 megapixel images and is otherwise unspectacular equipped. An auxiliary or flash light has Nokia not built in, but a night mode, which helps a bit in bad light.

Sports: Torture Yourself!

Jogging and music – that for many people closely belongs together. But where mobile phone, if you have already a MP3 player here? The 5500 to solve this and a few other issues.

This Nokia has built in some specialties. Already on the outside, the 5500 is much better good for outdoor use than most other phones. It is protected by a robust case against splashing water, shock and dust. The wired remote has big rubber keys, which can be easy to operate also in the running, and headphones stuck thanks to the ear hook also in the movement of the ear.

For the user on the move, Nokia has devised two specialties, because after fine-motor exercises not the sense is the joggers on the road sure: sits at the side of the housing a large modifier key, with which the user between MP3 player, phone-and sport mode can change. And in addition there is a so-called control tip to: the MP3 player you can start and stop by simply tapping your fingers on the phone. In this way, it can be opened also incoming SMS.

Training functions
The same sensor, Nokia uses for the control of the game and the MP3 player is used as a pedometer. The training program of the 5500 then calculates distance, speed and calories burned from stride length, size, age, sports and training level of the user.The software also offers a training diary for the results as well as various performance tests.

For runs or rides through the complex terrain can be combined the 5500 also via Bluetooth with a GPS receiver. You can then save the coordinates of marked points as well as distance and speed, calculate and apply in your training diary.

Incidentally, Nokia provides with a clip, which locks the phone during training in the waistband. And in the head of the housing a small flashlight is built with the you can Not illuminate the keyhole after a night run.

Practice: Handy Companion

We have kept the 5500 as a precaution not in the shower. But already it should withstand a downpour.

The housing of the 5500 can keep up while in terms of elegance current design phones not me, but makes a very stable and robust impression. Battery flap, front and side panels have many rubber elements and are therefore always securely in your hand. There’s also no harm, that the phone with 107 x 48 x 19 millimeters belongs not just to the dwarfs.

The rubberized keypad the user must get used to first, because the keys are separated from each other, not particularly good, but nevertheless speak well with crunchy sear. Less, we have convinced the two soft keys below the display and the call and end key; the latter are very small and occasionally interrupting the pressure on the soft keys.

The display of the 5500 is quite small with a 30 x 30 mm for a Smartphone, they contrast and brightness are in order. The resolution is 208 x 208 pixels.

S60 offers user interface it – operation of the mobile phone adapt to a variety of options that allow the user to his own liking and make effective seven freely assignable keys on an individual stand-by menu up to voice commands and individually sized menus.

The menus are well understood betextet and intuitive to use – so that most users are likely to cope quickly.

Volume and clarity of the 5500 go talking absolutely in order, however, the phone sounds us a bit to treble-heavy. An ambiguous image left also the handsfree sounds loud and clear on the mobile side, which is on the Festival Web page but rather too quiet and difficult to understand.

Expert Opinion: “Nice Gimmick For Hobby Runners”

What use are the sports features of the 5500 sport in practice outside in field and forest? Our practice – head Carl Schneider has tried the phone during his marathon training.

I liked that
A device to carry less – it has something, especially since the 5500 is easy to use and can write me a complete training diary. Also glad that the mobile on the way says to the key parameters such as distance, pace and speed me – at intervals, I can freely choose.

That didn’t like me
Because you can enter not real own stride length and the phone measures not the heart rate, the device calculates calorie consumption and distance due to the advance given body of data – with the result that the distance travelled in the test was calculated incorrectly. That would be different, of course, if you would also use a Bluetooth GPS mouse. The current could incidentally are scarce in really long workouts.

For whom the 5500 sport is
The 5500 sport features are a nice gimmick for each runner. But a serious training control for ambitious runners can’t afford the 5500.

Bottom Line: Good For The Hunting Ground

Outdoor mobile sports all sorts of it has the 5500. But anyone looking for a real Smartphone should look around elsewhere.

We have nothing to complain about at theversatile phone features the 5500 and his almost consistently good handling, that is, what we expect from an outdoor phone: grippy and stable. The 5500 is comfortable to operate and versatile set to your own needs.

Less well which gave us Smartphone-facilitiesfallen. That Nokia provides no CD with the PC Suite with a S60 phone, we can not understand.Who wants to sync with the PC, must download the software from Nokia. Office documents can be with the standard equipment also not read.Both together is powerful trigger the Organizer features.

Are fitness freaks Sports features find useful, which–thanks to a built-in motion sensor-counting steps and measure speed, distance and calories burned. Fitness testing and training plan complete the function.
However, these features according to our goodMarathon experts more as a gimmick than for real training control.

With this combination of functions, there is currently no alternative on the German market. Sports with about 250 euros without a contract is also one the 5500 to the currently most affordable S60 mobile phones at all. Here comes the N70 still used with about €260-outdoor and fitness functions, but with UMTS and PC Suite at most.