Bug on Facebook Allowed kidnapping Groups

A flaw discovered in Facebook today made ​​hundreds of groups were kidnapped by an organization called Control Your Info (control your information in free translation). The organization took over the group through a bug in the social network management system, which allows anyone to pass to become a manager of a group of which the farmer is turned off.

The organization changed names, descriptions and pictures of the groups, and post warning messages saying “Hello, we are kidnapping your Facebook group. That means we control a certain part of the information about you on Facebook “and asserting that could have changed the name to something embarrassing or inappropriate, but that is not their goal. In the movement of the blog, one of their representatives, Janis Roukkos, says “social media have become a natural part of the lives of most people, but unfortunately the aspects of security has been neglected.”

More than 300 groups have been affected by the attack, however, each new search for “Control Your Info sentence” on the social network, the number of results increases. They promise that before the end of next week will restore the name, description and original images of the changed groups.

Who thought that Orkut and Facebook were totally different social networks will have to take the plunge today. [CNET]