Bing passes Yahoo Searches, Says Institute

At least one of the research institutes that measure website audience came to the conclusion that Bing passed Yahoo and became the second engine search most used by Americans, well below Google in the first position. According to Nielsen, the difference between Bing and Yahoo was less than 1 percentage point in August.

In August the Google snapped up – again, for a change – 65.1% of searches in the United States. Giant behind the search is the Bing (MSN / Windows Live / Bing – all use the Bing engine) with 13.9%. Then we have the Yahoo with 13.1% (ie 0.8 percentage point below the Bing).

Other search engines are practically negligible: owns 2.1% and AOL Search has another 2%.

Has not left the figures for August of measurements by comScore, a similar institute to Nielsen can confirm (or not) the trend Bing reach the second place in the searches.