Beware of Data Trap with Plenti-Subscription

You risk breaking the ceiling with data subscription with the start-up telecommunications company Plenti-even if they offer free data on the cell phone.

Plenty of entertainment with free speech, free SMS and free data. It is the promise of the start-up telecommunications company Plenti which yesterday debuted with a strong and viable mobile package that includes dozens of entertainment offerings.

Do you read the fine print and dive into the subscription terms, you will, however, note that the free data is not as free as the headline suggests.

Connect you laptop or Tablet for mobile hotspot network is Plenti who put a ceiling on will how much you should consume: max. 5 GB per month.

Thus is the first Danish telecommunications company that Plenti goes in and makes a distinction between data traffic from mobile and so called tethering, where other devices connected to the phone’s data connection.

Abroad, this practice is not new, where among other several American and British telecommunications consumers can only use tethering to a limited extent or as an acquisition.

Apps can create problems

Abroad is the limitation set to in order to avoid abuse of the network, but it also creates problems for certain customers who are experiencing that certain apps which, among other things. alternative web browsers can swallow the limited tethering data traffic.

Plenti-customers can therefore run the risk of having their subscription stopped for data traffic, despite the fact that the phone’s hotspot feature is not used.

Should you encounter an unexpected data ceiling, there will be help to get. Plenti technical department informs that one should seek contact to Plentis customer service that will find a solution.