Best of 2010: Candidates for Best Mobile with Symbian

In 2010, virtually all companies except Nokia stopped manufacturing terminals under the Symbian operating system, but the Finnish is enough alone to deserve a category apart. Not in vain is still the world’s leading manufacturer and its catalogue is so broad that it gives much to choose, and to say.

Then we offer the list with the best Symbian terminals of the moment. Some are from 2009, but are still best sellers in 2010. How you know, to just vote you have to go to the product page, click upon any mobile from the list, and there asignáis you your note.

The deadline for voting ends on December 26, 2010 at 23:59. Met this time, polls are closed, and we will proceed to calculate the average between the current note of each product, and that will be the end of voting. You get the highest average score in each category will be the winner.

  • Nokia N8 – Notice of departure: 9.6 – you have 1 user and want to 52
  • Nokia N97 Mini – Note starting: 7.7 – 8 users have it and want to 20
  • Nokia C7 – Note of departure: 7 – 1 user has it and want it 4
  • Nokia X 6 – note starting: 7.7 – 1 user has it and 8 want it
  • Nokia X 3-02 (Touch & Type) – starting Note: note – you have 0 users and want to 0
  • Sony Ericsson Vivaz – Note starting: 7.9 – 6 users and 8 want it