Beacons Low-powered Data Transmitters Review

Beacons (in German: signal fire) are small data transmitters which are intended to inform. You can continually transmit their signature and their position in shopping centers, on billboards, in museums or in public places.


The signals are received  from certain mobile apps that must be installed for it on your phone or tablet; an iPhone or iPad running the iOS operating system is installed at least 7 or a smartphone or tablet with at least Android 4.3.

Ever heard of beacon

Beacons transmit their signals to the low-power wireless technology Bluetooth LE from a range from a few up to 100 meters. Their message is rather simple, it signals: Here I am. And that necessity knows the respective app where her smartphone and whose owner is currently, and can report actions of nearby retail, promotions or cheap travel, which shoes are just at bargain prices. But, before which artwork is available at the museum or when the next bus from the stop moves.


For professional and on individuals, opens up extremely pleasant, but also worrying possibilities. Customers receive the pass customized offers to their mobile phone and are thereby possibly also automatically “transparent customer” whose movements are recorded at every step. And of course should be completely saved by the merchants and businesses connected to the beacon system in this way also your shopping and consumer behavior.

But who does not want the remains still the opportunity to throw all Beacon apps from the device and additionally turn the Bluetooth receiver.