Automatic, The Application What You Makes Better Driving Will Come to Android in Autumn

What reinventing systems in the car if we have everything on a smartphone? That thought the people of Automatic, which just introduced a mobile device software that promises to be an Intelligent Assistant to teach us to drive better and more efficiently.

Automatic register all of our driving telemetry to enable us to improve all aspects of it, paying Special attention to fuel and advising us to make our way of driving more efficient as possible.

However, not only stops in consumption, but Automatic also will be helpful in case of accident If collision does not damage the terminal, directly contacting emergency services and a series of contacts that you can configure.

We will also be able Locate our vehicle in car parks or in situations where we don’t remember the place where we parked it, and Moreover this location will help us in case of theft.

Everything looks very nice and the truth is that a tool where to combine all data relating to our car would not come badly to most, but perhaps the worst of the application is its price, as 69.95 dollars is relatively high.

Its United States release is expected for may in iOS, coming in the fall to Android. We don’t know how long it will take to cross borders, and in fact has not confirmed it will do so, but we hope to do so sooner or later.