Augmented Driving Test

The driver assistance app augmented driving for iOS convinces in test convinced with a top lane and good distance warning. Also to use it perfectly.

When we sat apart in the radiant Sun in completely overheated car with driver assistance app augmented driving school, we were at first somewhat at a loss. The video camera installation gives the impression that it will take hours for it, but then it’s pretty easy. We did once back even before the full user manual.

But careful installation and setup the app is worth it. Augmented driving offered the best lane and the best distance warning in our test and was very easy to use. The app does not have a shield detection unfortunately.

On the highway, the strengths of augmented driving showed then. The lane Assistant realized also dashed lines and addressed immediately, the distance Warner warned extremely reliably. However, the acoustic signals could be difficult map, which is why we switched to voice output. Then augmented driving with us when we left the track or headed on too close – and that was talking about even on German, even though the app is programmed on English. Also, we put a top speed, so that the app reminded us to drive not too fast.

The operation of the app and above all the system settings fold after a short exercise easy and intuitive. The warning about speech is particularly successful, this takes place (as opposed to the text display) in German.

Next, we went on the road and through a small town. Also here distance Warner and lane worked perfectly only with strong curves and the lane Assistant turned off small roads without central reservation. So augmented driving later also in downtown Stuttgart convinced us. Once a bus ahead of us escaped the app – here was on the image recognition given the colorful advertising lettering in the knee and could not tell the bus from the background.

As twilight set in, we went back on the highway. The alert held out here the longest compared, and at night also the lane was the best in the test. This is augmented driving the optimal driving Assistant app for tiring long haul. A total so highly recommended, and the price of 3,99 Euro is definitely in order. That is still too expensive, which is a Lite version for 0.99 Euro available.