Apple’s Event Next Week: What Can You Expect

A Mini-iPhone and a new iPad Pro seems to be on the table when Apple open the doors of their event on 21. March.

There are now less than a week to that Apple once again invite the press to a spring event under the heading ‘Let’s loop you in’.

In the usual manner, is heading a cryptic hint about what we can expect, but rumor Stock Exchange already provides many details about what Apple now can be counted on to offer.

Am you you to see what Tim Cook & co. want to present, you can therefore view with including where has collected the most credible rumors and reports about what Apple will show off next week.

New mini-iPhone VIEW

You then Apple their soul abhorred it mourned the spruce four-inch format with iPhone 6, on the other hand, you can look forward to a replacement for the company’s iPhone 5S – a veritable mini mobile. The name is not confirmed yet, but a good bet is either iPhone or iPhone SEE 5SE.

Design-wise, it will remind you of the bigger iPhones, with rounded edges instead of the sharply etched corners of the iPhone 5S. The screen will be on 4 inch with 640×1136 pixels, which will reduce the dimensions to 123.7 x 7.6 x 58.6 mm – equivalent to almost the same goal as iPhone 5S.

iPhone VIEW is expected to come in more colors than before, where the palette will be extended with a ‘ hot pink ‘ variant. The maligned camera bulge at the back will unfortunately find their way to the small iPhone.

Spec wise it will be updated with latest A9 processor from Apple, a 12 megapixel camera and Apple’s NFC for mobile payments. Whether 3D Touch also will find its way to the screen remains to be seen, several sources pointing in mind, however, that the function is reserved for the more iPhones.

Price counted iPhone VIEW to sneak into the range just below the existing iPhone 6S. A launch price just around or just below the five thousand crowns at home therefore seems likely.

iPad Air 3 or Pro

Apple’s iPad Air 2 is expected to get an overhaul next week with an integration of a strip of iPad Pros features.

The format will not change significantly with the preservation of a 9.7 “display. The improvements must instead be found in the engine room where A8X processor will be upgraded to either A9X or A9.

A rumor is pointing at the same time that the camera from iPhone 6S will find their way to the new iPad and hence give all tablet cameras rear wheel with 4 k footage.

On the sides there will be new ports and outputs to note. At the bottom a Smart Connector will show up and support accessories and keyboards, while speaker the task will be undertaken by all four of them — two on each side.

The name is not specifically yet but the iPad Air 3 or Air Pro are obvious candidates. Price wise, it will be in the same layer as the previous year’s iPad Air 2, IE. about 3,800 crowns for the smallest model of 16 GB.


Apple Watch-no wild news

There have been several rumors about a possible new Apple Watch for spring – but rumor børsen has screwed down on the presumption since the autumn.

Some sources pointing instead at a launch in the autumn, where a new design will be shown forth – probably to the same event as the Apple iPhone 7.

Some news may, however, still find their way into Apple Watch – a new version of the Watch US, as well as a number of new belts are expected to make debut next week.

New macbooks-hardly

Intel’s sixth generation of Core processors debuted in autumn of Microsoft’s Surface Pro 4, but has not yet arrived in Apple’s MacBooks.

Therefore, the faster and more power-efficient processor series find their way to all Macbooks and give an overtaking on performance and the operating time.

Other sources indicate that both the Macbook and Macbook Pro stands for more overtaking later this year. Therefore it may well be that it only gets the Macbook Air that gets a boost in the first place.

New software and a serious talk about encryption

A new iOS version is almost ready for apple deploys at the time of writing the seventh beta for the next major point release iOS 9.3. Launch therefore seems to be imminent.

With the update comes a new night function which cherish the sight of diurnal late hours and several CarPlay features.

At the same time, it is reported that updates to Apple’s tvOS and WatchOS both of which are close to being ready for an official launch.

Apple dispute with the US authorities will certainly also be taken up, as the company squeezed by the U.S. federal police and courts to ease up on the built-in security in iOS.

It is therefore very likely that Tim Cook will take this opportunity to take a serious talk on the importance and the need for encryption.

Stay tuned next week

All this, and probably more, you can look forward to next week when Apple’s first spring event run by stabben on 21. March at 18:00 Danish time.

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