Apple Watch Get New Accessories and New Price

Apple lowers prices on Apple Watch and offers a new type of strap to the smartwatch.

Apple Watch has since the launch placed itself as the world’s leading smartwatch. Clockwise gives Apple the opportunity to follow your notifications, your training and install apps to your wrist.

With a year old soon, Apple now sees the possibility of lowering the price of the small smartwatch which now gets a debut price of 299 u.s. dollars against 349 in the past.

In Denmark will price reduction also hit Apple’s Danish online shop, with a debut price of $ 2,699 crowns against 3,099 kroner earlier.

New accessories

At today’s event, Apple explained, that’s a third of Watch-users routinely change the strap on their Watch. Therefore, the company now offers a number of options to tailor the look on Apple’s Watch by introducing a new remtype as well as several farvevariante.

Apple Watch can now ekviperes with a woven nylonrem in either pink, azure blue, Royal Blue or gold, red, green or black. The price of the new strap will match Apple’s cheapest price of 399 kroner. rems sports

At the same time, the other straps get extended color range so that sports strap is now available in 22 colors, Milan strap in two colors, the classic leather strap now comes in nine colors, the magnetic leather strap is available in 7 colors, buckle strap is available in 7 colors, while the metallic strap still comes in two colors.