Apple: One Day the FBI Can Force Us to Monitor Your iPhone

The dispute between Apple and the FBI will continue in San Bernardino case. Apple now fear to be forced by the FBI to turn your iPhone microphone or camera.

The ongoing conflict between Apple and the FBI will take no end. The story starts back to February, when the FBI asked Apple add a special version of the iOS onto an iPhone 5 c belonging to one of the perpetrators, who were behind the terrorist attack in San Bernardino in december last year.

This would act as a back door in Apple’s otherwise encrypted and secure iOS-software and it got Apple’s Director, Tim Cook, to write an open letter and in contempt deny the FBI request.

In the meantime, after have followed much debate and support from all the major giants such as Google, Twitter, Facebook, Microsoft, Amazon, Mozilla and Yahoo!, all of whom have expressed concern that the FBI initiative would violate the privacy of the many iPhone users, who may not know it sure, that all the vulnerable information, as an iPhone contains, is stored securely behind the lock code and access codes.

FBI gives it not in the case and has therefore instructed Apple to give them access to the perpetrator’s iPhone by breaking the strong security measures that otherwise are made.

The FBI got a judge to issue a court order without a subpoena to Apple, and the matter is therefore unprecedented. The verdict in the dispute can in other words constitute a precedent for similar cases in the future. FBI assures that Apple’s back door will only be for use in this one case, and so can the custom-made software immediately deleted.

Apple: one day the FBI monitor you via your iPhone

It is in response to the recent events that one of Apple’s top executives, Eddy Cue, expresses great concern. According to The Guardian , he says the following:

“One day the FBI have Apple to turn a user’s camera or microphone. We can’t do it now, but what if they force us to do it? When will this stop? In a immigrationssag? In a tax case? One day someone will be able to turn on a phone’s microphone. It should not be done in this country “.

Despite massive resistance in the public is the FBI to scale to get to acquire access to the iPhone, and if it succeeds, fear Apple so that it will have far-reaching consequences and may eventually give the FBI authority to carry out massive monitoring of users ‘ iPhones.

The 22. March a trial treatment will take place, where the various arguments in the case will be argued orally. While the outcome is only to predict so far, is another thing sure: the conflict between Apple and the FBI is not here just for the time being.