Apple iPhone VIEW: Danish Price and Availability

Apple launches its cheapest iPhone ever with the small iPhone VIEW. Few price here and see when you can order it.

It was in the cards, Apple’s tiny iPhone 5S remained long a favorite of those who prefer a compact smartphone. For them, Apple has released the slick iPhone VIEW that inherit design from the small 5 ‘ is but now comes with updated hardware.

It looks like his aging predecessor to the letter, with the exception of a new rose gold color similar to the Apple introduced with iPhone 6S.

It is in the engine compartment the iPhone VIEW will impress. Here you get the same strong A9 processor as in iPhone 6S models, as well as a powerful 12 megapixel camera with 4 k and 240 fps slow-mo shots.

Only need you will notice in relation to the more expensive iPhone 6S, is the omission of 3D Touch features and designed with the larger display.


Cheapest new iPhone ever

Most notably in Apple’s new release, however, is the price. iPhone VIEW will debut at 3,699 dollars for 16 GB, while the 64 GB variant runs to 4,599 crowns.

Thus is the iPhone VIEW the cheapest iPhone model Apple has ever introduced, and undercuts the defunct plastic iPhone 5 debut price of 4,599 crowns with almost a thousand crowns.

The price is approaching the outgoing iPhone 5S, which today can be acquired from small 2,700 crowns with 16 GB storage.

Apple iPhone VIEW comes in the four iPhone colors: silver, gold, spacegrey and rose gold.


Debut in april, advance sales in March

Before you pull out the dankort up of the canvas, you have to wait a little longer. Apple reports that the presale on the iPhone, first see will debut on 29 April. March on the company’s website, with delivery on a, yet uninformed, time at the beginning of april.