Apple iPhone VIEW-a Powerful Mini-iPhone

Apple launches iPhone VIEW: a compact version of iPhone 6S-to a sharp price.

Many lamented the fact that Apple in its time scrapped the spruce four-inch format with the presentation of the Apple iPhone 6 at the end of 2014.

Many have since been feared that iPhone 5S will be the last of its kind-an extremely compact smartphone that offers top performance.

Apple may even see a need in the market, and points at his launch event to over 30 million 4-inch devices are belevet sold through 2015. In order to fill the need, therefore, a new mini-Apple launches iPhone: iPhone VIEW.

Looks like iPhone 5S

More leaked photos have been dashed. How many rumors pointed to a kind of mini iPhone 6S-design, similar to Apple’s iPhone VIEW the 2 ½ years old iPhone rather 5S.

It shares much of its design with his elderly predecessor, with indistinct edges-but now in a new color: rose gold.

News sklal instead can be found under the bonnet, where iPhone VIEW has gotten a heavy overhaul.

Engine room governed now by Apple’s A9 processor. This means that the iPhone VIEW is up to three times faster than the iPhone 5S. It is the same potent mechanics as in Apple’s iPhone 6S, giving it little muscle bundle lots of forces.

On the camera front, sharing, iPhone see also camera with iPhone 6S, giving both 12MP camera and 4 k features. Here is also 63 megapixel panomramer, 240 fps slow motion

The price will be sharp – 399 USD for the 16 GB version, while the 64 GB variant will be 100 dollars more expensive. Translated into Danish kroner will Apple enough countries somewhere between 3,000 and 3,500 SEK.

Presale will debut on 24 March, with delivery from next week. Denmark shapes, however, are not on the list of the first countries that first gets the iPhone VIEW.

Danish iPhone users should instead wait for the 29. March, where the presale will debut. Danish price on iPhone VIEW will sound at 3,699 dollars for 16 GB and 4,599 dollars for 64 GB.